What To Do After The Meeting

What To Do After The Meeting

We wish to thank you for your participation at ESPID 2021 Online!

We are very grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to participate, especially during these difficult times. We hope you found the online meeting programme both stimulating and enriching.

Watch this video for some tips and ideas to get you started!

Where to start?

  • Take advantage of the recorded sessions you may have missed
  • Debrief with colleagues and fellow attendees
  • Keep in touch with the connections you have made
  • Write to the speakers your learnt most from and start a conversation
  • Take advantage of the SparkX networking features in the meeting platform
  • Keep the conversation going by sharing key takeaways on Social Media
  • Don’t forget to share follow up articles  using the #ESPID2021
  • Make a short video and share your experience on social media
  • Become an ESPID Member if you haven’t done so and enjoy a number of benefits