Meet The Expert Sessions

Meet The Expert Sessions

Vote your way through cases and have an open dialogue with the experts!

ESPID 2021’s Meet the Expert Sessions will consist of interactive case-based discussions with one or two expert discussants and a coordinator who will select and present cases on a topic of interest. The experts may frequently use case reports with questions regarding diagnosis and management, usually chosen from ESPID 2021 abstract submission.

Wednesday, 26 May, 18:00-19:00

01: Congenital Infections

Experts: Hermione Lyall and Pamela Palasanthiran

YE Coordinator: Ángela Manzanares

02: Telemedicine for Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Expert: Noémie Wagner, Maura Pedrini and Gabriel Alcoba

YE Coordinator: Cristina Ardura-Garcia

03: Pediatric Infectious Diseases in Refugee Children

Experts: Alexandra Kruse and Anita Niederer-Loher

YE Coordinator: Naomi Kirk

04: Meningitis & Encephalitis

Experts: Ana Blanchard and Manish Sadarangani

YE Coordinator: Irina Bercholc

05: Tropical Infectious Diseases

Expert: Delane Shingadia and Robin Kobbe

YE Coordinator: Peter O’Reilly

06: Vaccine Hesitancy and Motivational Interviewing

Experts: Christoph Berger and Alessandro Diana

YE Coordinator: Isabel Mellado


Thursday, 27 May, 12:00-13:00

07: Bone and joint infections

Experts: Michael Buettcher and Pablo Yagupsky

YE Coordinator: Borbàla Zsigmond

08: Infection and Immune Compromised Host

Experts: Fani Ladomenou and Lara Danziger-Isakov

YE Coordinator: Paul Torpiano

09: Mycobacteria

Experts: Mark Tebruegge and Folk Brinkmann

YE Coordinator: Sofia Benou


Experts: Elizabeth Whittaker and David Burgner

YE Coordinator: Jorge Rodrigues

11: Hepatitis B and C Treatment in Children

Experts: Giuseppe Indolfi and Eleni Nastouli

YE Coordinator: Petra Zimmermann

12: Malaria Management

Experts: Evangelia Piperaki and Lorenz von Seidlein

YE Coordinator: Francesca Basile