What is Online, Local and Hosted from Geneva?

What is Online, Local
& Hosted from Geneva?

Our daily jobs are demanding right now, so we want to support you by removing the uncertainty you might have regarding presenting your research and reaching your learning objectives next year. Therefore, ESPID has already committed to maximising your online experience and interaction at our next annual meeting.

ESPID 2021 will be the next generation of international virtual meetings: Online, hosted from Geneva, and with small, “local” in-person national gatherings (where possible).

2021 has many unknowns, but some things are clear: we will still be treating patients, we will still be researching to improve child health, and ESPID will still ensure you meet to make it all happen.

The Experience

Will There Be a Full Online Experience?


The ESPID 2020 Virtual Meeting was an amazing experience for us all. We met online, we shared research and ideas, and we experienced great discussions. We deepened our knowledge, we made new connections, and we generated new collaborations. Let’s continue and take it to the next level in 2021.

We will update the website with more details as we design your 2021 online experience.

What are Local Gatherings?

By May 2021, we won’t be expecting everyone to want to fly to a large meeting and many still won’t be able to do so either. Online/Virtual Meetings are still crucial to advancing research and treatment in 2021.

However, with the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccines, regulation changes might enable smaller, local gatherings in different cities or countries, which will enable us to start networking face-to-face again. We will therefore work with each local gathering organiser to build a strong online connection between the main programming and their hub. As the situation changes, we will publish updates on the local gatherings.

To find a local gathering, click here.

What Will Be Hosted from Geneva?

ESPID 2021 was originally planned to be held in Geneva and hosted by members of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Group of Switzerland. The ESPID Meeting is still being organised by the Local Organising Committee in conjunction with ESPID, and they will meet in-person to create a new hosted experience for you during the ESPID 2021 Meeting.

The ability to join the 2021 hosts in person will be determined closer to the Meeting and according to COVID-19 regulations.

Abstracts & Registration

Presenting Research at ESPID 2021

Abstract submission will be required to present Oral Presentations and E-Posters at ESPID 2021, whether virtually or from a local gathering.

Registration to ESPID 2021

Official registration will be required for attendance online or at a local gathering. Please beware there is an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate ESPID. Use only trusted online registration services.