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The following ESPID 2019 sessions were live-streamed from the Meeting to support medical education and advancement in paediatric infectious diseases.

Whether you are an ESPID member or not, you can now access their recordings on the ESPID Education Portal!

PIDS/ESPID Joint Plenary Symposium         

Chairs: Ulrich Heininger, Switzerland and Andi L. Shane, USA

  • HPV vaccination – One dose?
    Invited Speaker: Aimee Kreimer, USA
  • The problems with making the right decisions
    Invited Speaker: Wolfgang Gaissmaier, Germany
  • Vaccine safety – How to measure it and how to communicate it
    Invited Speaker: Saad Omer, USA
  • Phase 3 PREPARE study: efficacy and safety of an RSV vaccine administered to pregnant women
    Top Abstract: F.M. Muñoz, USA

Plenary Symposium           

Chair: Delane Shingadia, United Kingdom and Miroslav Petrovec, Slovenia

  • Nature mortelle – The global burden of zoonotic infections
    Invited Speaker: Tatjana Avšič Zupanc, Slovenia
  • Pets as sources of infections
    Invited Speaker: Bruno Chomel, USA
  • Ticking in the woods – New insights in tick-transmitted infections in Europe
    Invited Speaker: Franc Strle, Slovenia

ESWI/ESPID Joint Symposium               

Chairs: Ab Osterhaus, The Netherlands and Tatjana Mrvic, Slovenia

  • Childhood flu vaccination in underprivileged areas: challenges and solutions
    Invited Speaker: Abdullah Brooks, USA
  • Influenza B and the rationale for Quadrivalent vaccines
    Invited Speaker: Ana Mosterin Höpping, UK
  • Vaccine effectiveness against H3N2 influenza virus in children
    Invited Speaker: Edward Belonga, USA
  • Influenza and other respiratory vaccines: clinical experience with an mRNA approach
    Invited Speaker: Lori Panther, USA

ESPID Symposium               

Chairs: Matthew Snape, United Kingdom and Tina Plankar, Slovenia

  • Meningococcal protein vaccines – where next?
    Invited Speaker: Shamez Ladhani, UK
  • What has the South Australia Carriage Study taught us?
    Invited Speaker: Helen Marshall, Australia
  • Antibody persistence up to 10 years after menacwy-tt vaccine administration and immunogenicity of a booster dose in adolescents and young adults
    Top Abstract: P. Peyrani, USA
  • Antibody persistence up to 26 months after booster dosing in adolescents 4 years following a 2- and 3-dose primary vaccination series of menb-fhbp
    Top Abstract: J.D. Maguire, USA
  • Meningococcus protein-antigen vaccines’ effects on carriage and transmission – are we asking the right questions?
    Top Abstract: A. Finn, United Kingdom
  • 4cmenb, a multicomponent meningococcal vaccine developed for serogroup b meningococci elicits cross-reactive immunity also against serogroups c, w and y
    Top Abstract: M. Pizza, Italy

ESPID Plenary Symposium              

Chairs: Johannes Trueck, Switzerland and Franc Strle, Slovenia

  • New ways of doing clinical trials in infectious diseases
    Invited Speaker: Diana Gibb, UK
  • How do we learn what works?: Causal inference from observational studies when randomized trials are not available
    Invited Speaker: Miguel A Hernan, USA
  • Caesarean section is associated with increased risk of infection-related hospitalisation in childhood: a data linkage study of 7.3 million births from four countries
    Top Abstract: D. Burgner, Australia
  • Application of microsampling to facilitate clinical pharmacokinetic studies of antibiotics in critically ill paediatric patients
    Top Abstract:  S. Parker, Australia


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